Note: These notes are not meant to substitute for classwork. They are an extra resource. Practice is not graded, but can be used to review.

Unit 7: Polynomials, Factoring, and Parabolas

7A: I CAN add, subtract, multiply, and simplify polynomials.

Notes: MultiplyingPolynomialsNotes    Adding:SubtractingPolysNotes

Practice: Adding and Subtracting Polynomials     Multiplying Polynomials Practice

Practice Solutions: Adding:SubtractingPolynomialsSol         MultiplyingPolynomialsSol

7B: I CAN use factoring to solve quadratic equations. 


Unit 6: Exponents and Exponential Functions

PRACTICE TEST SOLUTIONS: algebra 1 practice test

6A: I CAN use the properties of exponents to rewrite expressions involving radical and rational exponents.

6A NOTES: alg6a notes

6A PRACTICE: exponentsl1alg             exponentsl2alg    rational-radical exponents worksheet     rational-radical exponents worksheet solutions

6B: I CAN graph exponential functions giving different representations and describe key features of exponential graphs.

6B NOTES: alg 6b notes

6B PRACTICE: graphing exponential functions practice

6C: I CAN create exponential functions from different representations, including equations, graphs, situations, and tables.

6C NOTES:  algebra 6c notes

6C PRACTICE:   writing exponential functions worksheet

Unit 4: Linear Functions

Algebra 4A Notes + Extra Practice

Algebra 4B Notes and Extra Practice

Algebra 3B + 3C Notes and Practice

Alg U4 Review WS

Unit 2: Solving Linear Equations

2A Notes and Extra Practice

Practice Test Solutions:


Unit 1: Statistics

1A Notes and Extra Practice

1B Notes

1B Worksheet

practice test solutions: