These are not required. However, if you were absent or need extra help use these resources. Bring me your work for the extra practice and I will check your answers.

Unit 5: Similarity

5A: Dilations. I CAN draw, write, and identify a rule to describe a dilation.

5A NOTES geo 5a notes


5B: Similarity: I CAN determine if two polygons are similar and can calculate unknown sides of a polygon using the similarity ratio and angles between 2 similar figures.

5B NOTES geo 5b notes

5B PRACTICE are they similar?

5C: Triangle Similarity: I CAN show that two triangles are similar by Angle-Angle, Side-Angle-Side, or Side-Side-Side Similarity


5C PRACTICE triangle similarity proofs practice

Unit 3: Lines, Segments, and Angles

Geo 3A Notes + Extra Practice

Geo 3B Notes + Extra Practice

Geo 3B Practice

Geo 3C Notes + Practice

Unit 1: Probability

1A: Sample Space Notes // Extra Practice: Sample SpaceIMG_0556

1B: Venn Diagrams Notes // Extra Practice: Venn Diagrams


1C: Two Way Tables Notes // Extra Practice: Two Way Tables


1D: Independent and Dependent Events Notes